Spokane Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists

Our name says it all! We keep heating and cooling temperatures right for you. We are your full service Spokane heating and air conditioning, and refrigeration service contractor. We service Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, including Spokane, Post Falls, and Coeur d’Alene.

We pride ourselves in fast response time and customer satisfaction. From electric heating and heating repair, to gas heating, and air conditioning service for all home heating systems – we have the tools and the training

Heating Systems:

Furnace repair needed? Our training qualifies us to work on all makes and models of heating and air equipment. Whether gas, electric, and even oil: Temp-Rite Heating and Cooling is residential qualified from small electric heaters to complex home heating systems.

We find that our first time customers often call with what they believe is a broken furnace because it has such poor air quality. They understandably believe that their heating and air conditioning is old and needs to be replaced. Happy is the customer who learns that replacing the furnace filter, cleaning the gas heating elements, and creating a yearly maintenance plan is all they actually needed at a fraction of the cost of retrofiting a new system.

Understanding your home heating system means lower energy use, less frequent service calls, and a more comfortable home. There are several things you can do yourself to help your heating and cooling equipment to stay in good shape. Some things you can do yourself are:

Dirty and damaged ducting and clogged furnace filters are usually the cause of extremely poor system performance Рeven to the point of failure. Temp-Rite Heating and Cooling can often save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in replacement costs just by cleaning your furnace or heating and cooling ducting and then replacing your furnace filters. Some of our customers have discovered a marked improvement in their family’s health after such a relatively simple service call. The effects of allergens, dust mites, and other microbic infestations on those with asthma and the elderly can be significantly reduced with the right filters. Remember Рmany of our clients can change filters. Call us to purchase new filters. We carry all types and sizes.

If you’re not sure if this is your problem, we do not charge for an estimate. Our only added charge is when we are called out for an unscheduled emergency. Avoid that charge – call for a heating and air evaluation. We never charge overtime! No Matter What!

Air Conditioning & Heating Installation and Service

Temp-Rite Heating and Cooling has expertise with interlinked large industrial heating and cooling systems and sophisticated controls with complex wiring and internet monitoring. Temp-Rite has installed all makes an models of commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning, central air, refrigeration, and furnace systems. We can provide preventative maintenance for all your industrial refrigeration and environmental systems. We service small and large building systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration units, and managing crews and projects focused on one thing – customer satisfaction. We have the know-how to make sure you are happy. That’s why we are here and this is what we love.

Make Temp-Rite Heating and Cooling your first defense against unplanned down time. Make sure your heating and cooling systems, and electric of gas furnaces are ready now – before an emergency. It is our expertise and we are proud of it.

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